Integrity and Compliance

At Daimler Truck Southern Africa Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “DTSA”) when it comes to Compliance and Integrity. For us, Integrity, Compliance and Legal responsibility are not merely abstract concepts — they are inseparable from our daily business activities.

The foundation of our work in the Daimler Truck Group is built on our four corporate values: respect, passion, discipline and integrity. We show respect for our coworkers, customers and business partners. Our passion enables us to do our best every day; it is the basis of our success. For us, discipline means taking on challenges and achieving our goals while taking various interests into account. Our integrity makes us successful over the long term and contributes to a functioning society. These values lay the foundation for the corporate values at all our Group companies.

Integrity means doing the right thing by living our values. This means that: We follow internal and external rules, we act in accordance with our corporate values and, in doing so, also listen to our inner compass. In this context, we orient ourselves using our five corporate principles, which should be shared and practiced by all of us

Our five corporate principles are:

  • We are profitable and are committed to people and the environment
  • We act responsibly and respect the rules
  • We address issues openly and stand for transparency
  • Fairness and respect are the foundation of our collaboration
  • We practice diversity

We are committed to respecting human rights, respecting the rights of employees and their representatives, protecting the environment, enabling fair competition and fighting against corruption

Our Integrity Code governs the main principles of conduct in the Daimler Truck Group. It covers our corporate principles and behavior guidelines, inter alia in the following areas:

  • Respect for human rights
  • Complying with laws and internal regulations
  • Appropriate conduct within the Daimler Truck Group and in dealings with authorities, government officials, business partners and customers
  • Dealing with conflicts of interest
  • Prevention of all forms of corruption
  • Protection of company assets
  • Exercising our social responsibility
  • Handling data

BPO Whistleblower system

Fairness and honesty are the basis for achieving long-term goals together and for creating a spirit of trust in our company. The Whistleblower System BPO (Business Practices Office) is an important element of good corporate governance.

Violations posing a high risk include, for example, offenses relating to corruption, breaches of antitrust law and violations of Anti-Money Laundering regulations, as well as violations of binding technical provisions or violations in connection with environmental regulations.

When processing the reports, the Whistleblower System BPO ensures complete confidentiality. Moreover, our Whistleblower System places great importance on fairness – in dealing with both whistleblowers and employees affected by an allegation.

If you have concrete indications of major risk violations, you can contact the Whistleblower System BPO via the following contact details:

Business Practices Office contact details:

Daimler Truck AG

Daimler Truck AG, TL/GCB - Business Practices Office (BPO), 001/DTF2A, Postfach 10 01 54, 70745, Leinfelden-Echterdingen


BPO South Africa Hotline: (+27) 080-099-6390